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You’re tuned to The Money Hour Radio with your hosts Mike Piershale, Ben Barzideh, and Matt Nadeau. Brought to you by Piershale Financial Group on-air and online. Tune in every Saturday afternoon at 3:00pm right here on AM 560 for The Money Hour Radio. When you have retirement in sight, sound decisions are vital in helping you pursue your retirement goals. Knowledge is power. Tune every Saturday afternoon at 3:00pm on AM 560 or listen to previous episodes right here on our podcast page. Charles Schwab serves as the independent broker/dealer and independent qualified custodian for individual client accounts managed by Piershale Financial Group. Piershale Financial Group and Charles Schwab & Company, Inc. are not affiliated companies and our advisory personnel are not affiliated with Charles Schwab & Company, Inc. However, we participate in the Charles Schwab Advisor Services platform.

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