Protecting Your Assets with Steve Shyman

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Tune in every Saturday morning at 8 (CT) to Protecting Your Assets with Steve Shyman president of WilSave Financial in Mt. Prospect.  Steve Shyman tackles the biggest financial concerns as you approach retirement.  You’ve saved well for retirement, now what? Call Steve Shyman for a free consultation - (833) 945-7283.

At WilSave, we help our clients protect their principal from market declines while getting competitive returns in both totally safe and risk-managed portfolios. Our philosophy:

  • Safety first - Protection of principal!
  • Competitive returns
  • Keep it simple!

Our practice centers on two main categories of money:

  1. Money totally protected from market risk. Our clients feel that a portion of their portfolios should be completely protected from market risk. We keep that money safe and get them a reasonable rate of return.
  2. Money in the market with risk management techniques designed to limit losses during market downturns. With the volatility in the market, an eye on the downside is very important. Risk management helps limit losses. When you lose less, you can make more over the long term. These techniques are important for investors of all ages.

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