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Serving Those in Need Across Ukraine

On a Zoom call with a leader in the US, Matias described the current state of his team both in Ukraine and across the border. As individuals and families cross the border and seek refuge in neighboring countries, many are being received directly into homes by benevolent strangers waiting at the border to take them …

Word of Life Ukraine: Evacuating Our Team

This morning, after a night full of paperwork and planning, most of our staff crossed the border into Hungary. The line to cross was long and slow, but our team has made it safely. Our group of about 50 people was primarily made up of women and children. The Ukrainian men were not allowed to …

Word of Life Ukraine: A Plea for Prayer

Over a series of voice messages, WOL Ukraine’s director, Matias Radziwiluk, describes the conflict that has been building between neighboring countries, Russia and Ukraine, since 2014. He calmly explains that this conflict has been their reality for eight years, and in fact, the country has learned to flourish in spite of it–all while the world …

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