European Missionaries Work Together to Aid Evacuation Efforts

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The eight WOL missionaries remaining in Ukraine continue to serve alongside churches to evacuate people and deliver food and supplies to those in need. Currently, the team is working north of Kyiv to evacuate citizens in immediate danger from the Russian onslaught. Just yesterday, they made it to a checkpoint with seven vanloads of people, but after waiting several hours for permission to cross, they had to turn around, return to the church, and spend the night there.

Despite the challenges, believers across Ukraine continue to have incredible, humbling faith in Jesus Christ. Before they fell asleep, the group sang hymns together and prayed. Their hope rests confidently in the Lord, and this time of heartbreak and trial has proven—over and over—God’s divine protection and provision in their lives. It’s amazing to see.   

Across Eastern Europe, God has given the opportunity for Word of Life campuses to be used as housing for displaced Ukrainians. In Hungary, the team is serving over 60 Ukrainians, aside from the 14 members of the WOL Ukraine team—mostly women and children—who were evacuated early on. WOL Czech Republic is taking around 50 Ukrainians at a time, and part of the WOL Ukraine team has gone to WOL Romania in order to prepare the property and serve displaced people there.

At Word of Life Poland, we have seen an incredible outpouring of love from the Polish people as they seek to serve their Ukrainian brothers and sisters. One company gave 50 mattresses to the team, which created the opportunity to care for more displaced people. The missionaries opened the unfinished attic section of their camp building, laid down carpet, put up dividers,  laid down the new mattresses, and promptly brought in as many displaced people as they could house.

Another company offered to do laundry for the Polish team, as the laundry services on the property are not enough to accommodate the influx of Ukrainians—even Starbucks gave the team money to support their efforts. As of today, there are 112 Ukrainians staying on property at Word of Life Poland. Glory be to God.

Through it all, the name of Jesus Christ is being glorified across Ukraine and the rest of Europe through the hands-on service of pastors, missionaries, and everyday believers as they tirelessly work to help wherever they can.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”
Matthew 5:16

Learn more about the ministry in and around Ukraine


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